Katinka Abbenbroek, Dutch Alliance for Sustainability in Food, The Netherlands

Katinka Abbenbroek was recently appointed Chairman of the Alliantie Verduurzaming Voedsel, the Dutch Alliance for Sustainability in Food. Within this Alliance, companies from the entire food chain (primary production, animal feed, food industry, food services and retail) work together, on the transition towards a sustainable system of food production and distribution, this in close cooperation with the minister of agriculture, nature, and food safety. The 4 focus areas of the Alliance are: climate, circular economy, biodiversity and integrality of health & safety. Next to the Alliance, Katinka is also Executive Director of Springtij, a growing community of resilient frontrunners aimed at sharing knowledge and making impact, e.g., by organizing an annual three-day convention on the island of Terschelling. Katinka holds a master’s degree in biology/biotechnology of University of Utrecht and has occupied several senior positions in the food industry, including Unilever and Cargill.

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