Francisco A. Tomás Barberán, Spanish National Research Council, Spain

Francisco A. Tomás Barberán

Talk Title: Food Phytochemicals. A journey from food quality and safety to bioactivity and human health

Research Professor of CSIC (Murcia, Spain). His current research aims to the study of the role of food polyphenols in human health, their interaction with gut microbiota and their potential in personalized nutrition. His research has been transferred to industry (six patents of which three have been licensed and derived products are actually in the market). Associate editor of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Author of over 350 publications in scientific journals within the fields of phytochemistry, and food science and nutrition. These articles have been cited over 20,000 times (H-index, 81). He has developed more than one hundred competitive research projects and contracts with industry.

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