Asst. Prof. Zvika Hayouka, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Zvi Hayouka

Dr. Zvi Hayouka was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1979. He performed all his studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Zvi obtained his PhD in Chemistry in 2011, where he developed peptidic inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase protein and graduated Summa cum laude. In 2012 as a Fulbright scholar, he moved to The Chemistry department at the University of Wisconsin-Madiosn to Prof. Samuel Gellman’s lab, where he designed and characterized novel antimicrobial copolymers and peptides. In 2014 he joined the Institute of Biochemistry Food science and Nutrition at the Hebrew University as a faculty member and established his own research lab that combines the fields of organic chemistry, peptide chemistry, food microbiology and biochemistry to design and evaluate novel peptide-based antimicrobial agents for food and clinical applications.


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