Daniela Segovia Lizano, Quadram Institute, UK


Daniela holds a degree on Human Nutrition from the University of Costa Rica (2011) and an MSc specialisation on Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology from Wageningen University, The Netherlands (2017). Before completing her master studies, she acquired work experience by working as a nutritionist and as an innovation manager for an angel investment group. Her research interests are focused on personalised nutrition, gut health, microbiota and molecular nutrition. She likes to combine her research and scientific knowledge with her innovation and entrepreneurial skills with the aim to bring innovative and healthy solutions to consumers. Currently she is working as a researcher within the Food Databanks and National Capability group at the Quadram Institute (fdnc.quadram.ac.uk/), where she can apply her knowledge on nutrition and business development on the Quisper Project (quisper.eu/).

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