Maarten Schutyser, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Maarten Schutyser

Dr. ir. M.A.I. Schutyser is Associate Professor at the Laboratory of Food Process Engineering at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. His research (Dry Food Processing) focuses on gaining better understanding of physical phenomena behind the drying and processing of dry foods. With this knowledge he aims at development of new sustainable processes that deliver high product quality. PhD projects are for example concerned with spray drying, contact drying, baking and frying, dry fractionation and 3D food printing. He (co-)authored app. 80 scientific peer-reviewed papers. Maarten Schutyser is very active in the Dutch drying community and since 2011 chairman of the Dutch Working Party on Drying (NWGD), an independent society that connects drying experts in the Dutch process industry via networking events. Maarten Schutyser is member of the EFCE Working Party on Drying and co-organised Eurodrying 2017 in Luik Belgium. He obtained his Msc and PhD degrees, respectively in 1999 and 2003 (both cum laude) at Wageningen University. Between 2003 and 2008 he was employed in industry, i.e. Akzo Nobel Chemicals and NIZO food research, respectively as a research technologist and group leader predictive modelling of foods.

Selected Papers of Maarten Schutyser

  1. Schutyser, M.A.I., Perdana, J., Boom, R.M., (2012). Single droplet drying for optimal spray drying of enzymes and probiotics. Trends in Food Science & Technology 27(2), 73-82.
  2. Perdana, J., Fox, M., Schutyser, M.A.I., Boom, R., (2013). Mimicking Spray Drying by Drying of Single Droplets Deposited on a Flat Surface. Food and Bioprocess Technology 6(4), 964-977.
  3. Qiu, J., Khalloufi, S., Martynenko, A., Van Dalen, G., Schutyser, M., Almeida-Rivera, C. (2015). Porosity, bulk density, and volume reduction during drying: Review of measurement methods and coefficient determinations. Drying Technology, 33 (14), 1681-1699
  4. van Koerten, K.N., Schutyser, M.A.I., Somsen, D., Boom, R.M. (2015). Crust morphology and crispness development during deep-fat frying of potato. Food Research International, 78, 336-342.
  5. Perdana, J., Fox, M. B., Boom, R. M., Schutyser, M.A.I. (2015). Establishing guidelines to retain viability of probiotics during spray drying. Drying Technology, 33(13), 1560-1569.
  6. Zhang, L., Chen, X. D., Boom, R. M., & Schutyser, M. A. I. (2017). Thermal inactivation kinetics of β-galactosidase during bread baking. Food Chemistry, 225, 107-113.
  7. Both, E. M., Karlina, A. M., Boom, R. M., & Schutyser, M. A. I. (2018). Morphology development during sessile single droplet drying of mixed maltodextrin and whey protein solutions. Food Hydrocolloids 75, 202-210.

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