Dr. Robert Sevenich, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Dr. Robert Sevenich

Talk Title: The influence of high-pressure processing at ambient and elevated temperatures on the quality and safety of selected foods

Dr. Robert Sevenich is currently a research scientist at the Department of food biotechnology and process engineering of Technische Universität Berln, where he received his PhD in 2016. Just recently he started a project on the volumetric preservation methods for various types of foods. His main research focus is on high pressure processing as a tool for sterilization & pasteurization purposes and its influence on vegetative microorganisms, spores, nutrients and food processing contaminants in model and real-food systems. Other fields of interest are pulsed electric fields and ultrasound treatments of foods. Robert has written many peer-reviewed papers, worked on numerous European projects, has given many presentation and received numerous awards.

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