Naresh Magan, University of Cranfield, UK<

Uri Lesmes

Professor Magan holds the Chair in Applied Mycology at Cranfield University. He has been carrying out research on food security/safety and spoilage fungi for 35+ years. Current research includes molecular ecology and ecophysiology of spoilage/mycotoxigenic fungi in food production systems, especially the impact of climate change factors on mycotoxins in staple commodities and the development of minimisation and prevention strategies. These include physical approaches to minimising mycotoxin contamination, ecophysiology of biological control agents for improved efficacy against pests/fungal diseases, rapid methods for the early detection of microbes for food/environment/health applications, and solid and liquid fermentation systems for enhancing production of high value pharma-related products. He has published widely in these research areas with 275+ peer reviewed papers. He has a H-index of 50 (Scopus) and 67 (Google scholar).
Home page: https://www.cranfield.ac.uk/people/professor-naresh-magan-299815
E.mail: n.magan@cranfield.ac.uk
LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/naresh-magan-aa351229
Twitter: @cranmycology

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