Heribert Watzke, Dr. Phil. Watzke Heribert Consulting, Switzerland

Heribert Watzke

Heribert Watzke is a graduate of the Karl-Franzens University of Graz, Austria, with a PhD in chemistry. He graduated after studies in chemistry, experimental physics, history and philosophy.

After a PostDoc position at the Syracuse University, New York, USA working on artificial photosynthesis (solar energy conversion), Dr. Watzke took a research and teaching position at the Polymer Institute (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETHZ) in Zürich, Switzerland. At ETHZ, his research focused on nanocolloid interactions and nano-composite materials.

Heribert joined Nestlé at the Nestlé Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland as colloid scientist in 1993, taking consecutively the positions of Head of Food Structure and Material Science group and Head of Food Science and Technology Department. He held the latter position for 9 years leading the 150 member strong department in its development of various innovations for the company. In 2007 he changed to a new position working for the CTO as Senior Group Expert (Research Fellow Nestlé Research) focusing on emerging & novel technologies holding the position of an Assistant Vice President.

Heribert has retired from Nestlé Research (Nestec Ltd.). Recently he has established his own consulting company, Dr. Phil. Watzke Heribert Consulting, Lausanne, Switzerland.

His research interests are split between the impact of cooking on human evolution and the gut-brain axes, nanoscience of nutrient delivery and self-assembly and the creation of exaptive innovation platforms.

Heribert is also interested in popularizing food science and nutrition topics for the general public; see his talks on TED and MAD3, respectively.
TED: http://www.ted.com/talks/heribert_watzke_the_brain_in_your_gut
MAD3: http://vimeo.com/86983066

“exaptation”: a feature having a function for which it was not originally adapted or selected for.
Dr. Phil Watzke Heribert Consulting, Lausanne, 2017.

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